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Call: 1977
Silk date: 2006
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  • R v Zac Jackson Cambridge CC. Jan /Feb 21 Murder. Stuart Trimmer QC leading Richard Jones successfully prosecute a killing in a sheltered housing facility. The defendant raised issues of diminished responsibility and loss of control. The evidence involved three consultant psychiatrists
    [BBC News]

  • R v Smith and Vilhete Cambridge CC. Dec/ Jan 20/21 Murder. Stuart Trimmer QC leading Richard Jones successfully prosecute a killing using a sword and involving detailed analysis of audio captured on a CCTV device. Issues of Self-defence, Loss of Control in the context of mental disorder.
    [BBC News]

  • R v Simon Finch Official Secrets. CCC. Nov 2020 Stuart Trimmer QC leading Ian Ibrahim defend a government contractor who disclosed details of a weapons system in order to attract attention to issues of police violence and failure to investigate his complaints.
    [BBC News]

  • R v Lee Sopp Murder. Stuart Trimmer QC and Sarah Porter successfully prosecute a Milton Keynes Drug dealer who murdered another for dealing on his turf. He had an array of weapons to `regulate his line’ and when finally arrested was wearing chain mail protection. Issues :- Lack of intent surrounding the type of wound.
    [BBC News]

  • R v Kostiajevas Murder Stuart Trimmer QC and Richard Jones successfully prosecute man who murdered his wife in "frenzied" attack. Issues of intent and diminished responsibility engaged. Defendant said to be subject to Organic Personality Disorder.
    [BBC News]
    [BBC News]

  • R v F & D 2019 Murder Successful prosecution of a drug dealer who stabbed a friend of another drug dealer.
    [BBC News]

  • R v TASCON 2019 Murder Successful prosecution of a husband who murdered his wife then burnt and buried her body.
    [BBC News]

  • R v TARBRAZ 2019 Murder 'Honour killing' A defendant who murdered because he said his sister was insulted at work. He then fled to the states and was extradited 18 years later.
    Issues of the application of Schedule 21 and sentencing for Murder offences before 2001.
    [BBC News]

  • R v WOODWARD AND OTHERS [Appeal 2019] Murder[See R v LAMZINI AND OTHERS] Successful defence of conviction. Major issue. Jury permitted to separate for lengthy period whilst in retirement.
    Neutral Citation Number: [2019] EWCA Crim 1002

  • R v M AND OTHERS Murder Successful prosecution of gang who published their fatal attack on Snapchat.
    [BBC News]

  • R v LAMZINI AND OTHERS Murder Prosecuted 10 defendants in relation to a brutal gang attack. Christopher Lemonious suffered more than 80 injuries and died following the attack in Blackbird Leys, Oxford, which involved a machete and other weapons. 9 out of the 10 defendants were convicted of murder and associated offences.
    [BBC News]

  • R v IAN STEWART Murder Prosecuting Stewart. The Murder of Helen Bailey. Ms. Bailey was reported missing by Stewart on 15th April 2016. On 15th July 2016, her body was discovered, dumped in the cess pit under the garage at Stewart's home. Also in the pit was the body of Helen's dog, Boris. Stewart was sentenced to a life term and a schedule 21 term before he can be considered for release. HHJ Bright set that minimum term at 34 years.
    [BBC News]
    [BBC News]

  • R v SALMA BEGUM AND OTHERS Murder/Familial Homicide/Vulnerable Adult Murder of a 19 year old member of the same family as the defendants. She was rendered vulnerable by reason of the regime of discipline imposed on the younger female members of the family. [BBC News]

  • R v CARBOTT Loss of Control / Diminished Responsibility Murder of an elderly man. Defences of self-defence, loss of control and diminished responsibility. The issues revolved around the defendant's mental condition and whether that was being exaggerated. Conditions considered were PTSD Autism coupled with depression. [BBC News]

  • R v TYRONE LAKE AND OTHERS Detailed timing and forensic evidence The successful defence of Lake, charged with Murder and violent disorder. He was said to be the individual who organised a street ambush in which a man was dragged from a car by 10 – 20 men. He was said to have been set upon and kicked to death in the street in Slough. His successful defence demonstrated that a combination of CCTV and phone data led to a conclusion that he was not responsible for the attack, rather others may well have started the violence in which the man was killed by accident. The issues were accident, scene reconstruction, CCTV analysis and DNA analysis. [BBC News]

  • R v KRAUCEVICIUS AND CARR Successful defence of extreme drunkenness The successful cut throat defence of a Lithuanian man who whilst very drunk was involved in kicking a vagrant to death. Issues of responsibility and drunkenness affecting the mental element in murder. [Daily Telegraph]

  • R v KYLE BECKFORD Gang related / Anonymous witnessesLuton Crown Court Gang murder. The issues included, anonymous witnesses, covert recording, cellsite and voice comparison evidence. The defendant used a stolen car as his weapon [BBC News]

  • R v DAVIES SCHULDT AND SMITH Co-defendant Hearsay The planned murder of a 69 year old man. The major elements of the case included evidence from close family members. Two defendants confessed in detail, to family and friends. Each implicated not only themselves but other defendants and the Crown were permitted to use that material as against two of the defendants. The issues were the reach of hearsay confessions, analysis and presentation of CCTV, cell site, and website access events. [BBC News]

  • R v DAVID CLAIREMONT Forensic Material / CCTV / detailed timings Murder of a pensioner by way of hammer attack. A combination of DNA evidence found on tape binding the victim’s hands, fingerprint material, bank evidence and material from hostile witnesses. The issues were CCTV and cell site. [BBC News]

  • R v ROSS AND OTHERS Gang related assassination / Anonymous witnesses This defendant accused of the planned execution of a visitor to Wandsworth Prison in 2009. Issues of Anonymous witness evidence. [BBC News]

  • R v RIAZ AND OTHERS Honour related killing A trial of six defendants accused in relation to the disappearance and murder of Mohmood Ahmad. Only his thumb and palm of his hand were ever recovered. The evidence involved extensive cell site analysis together with a complicated family history that provided evidence of motive. [BBC News] [BBC News]

  • R v MIGUEL DA SILVA Cold case / Extradited defendant The 1994 murder tried in Nov 2010. The Defendant appeared to be mentally unwell following arrest but escaped from a Regional Secure Unit in 1995. He escaped to Spain, was convicted of several rapes there and was finally returned to the UK for trial. Issues, Diminished Responsibility, Foreign convictions. [BBC News]

  • R v JAMES WATT AND OTHERS Blue Lagoon body parts Murder / S.5 DVCVA / QE The ‘Blue Lagoon Murder’. This case concerned the torture, killing and dismemberment of a vulnerable adult. It involved the successful use of the provisions of Section 5 DVCVA to the setting of an unrelated adult within family situation. Issues QE, Section 5 Cell site in conjunction with CCTV. [BBC News] [BBC News]

  • R v MARSHALL AND BUSH Jigsaw body parts murder The ‘Jigsaw Murder’. Body parts of the victim were discovered in various locations in Hertfordshire and Leicestershire in 2009. Marshall was a man experienced in disposing of victims. The case concerned the analysis of the methods of dismemberment used and the picture of the movements of the defendants using a combination of cell site and ANPR records. [BBC News] [BBC News]

  • R v MIRAN THAKRAR AND OTHERS Extradited defendants / Co Defendant hearsay / Foreign multiple hearsay The killing of three men in a planned execution set in the context of drug dealing. Two women were stabbed in the same incident. A six handed case, two murderers and four assisters. The second defendant fled to Northern Cyprus. Evidence of informal confessions from Cyprus was used employing s.116 and 121 of the CJA 2003. [BBC News] [BBC News]

  • R v BECKETT Health and Safety Executive Prosecution/Gross Negligence Manslaughter The successful defence of a company director charged with Manslaughter. The defendant ran a small business and delegated supervision of a dangerous process to the deceased. Issues:- The extent to which delegation bore on the assessment of gross negligence and the minimum level of culpability set in such circumstances. [Health & Safety News]

  • R v DARBAZ RASUAL Honour killing The successful defence of Rasual accused of assisting in the ‘honour killing’ of Banaz Mahmod. The specific issue being duress in relation to conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Issues:- Honour killing. [BBC News]

  • R v LEVEY Baby shaking / relationship with Family proceedings Baby smothering murder/manslaughter. Issues of Abuse of process and expert evidence. Contrary decisions of the Family division and the Crown Court. The Family division had conducted a causation hearing prior to the Criminal trial. Issues of medical expertise in particular relation to non-accidental injuries to a 3 month old child. [BBC News]

  • R v DOWLER Causation in Murder Issues of causation and the relevance of psychiatric evidence in the context of self-defence. The defendant attacked a youth with an axe. Treatment required the removal of a large part of his skull. A minor accident months later injured the area now unprotected causing death.

  • R v YAQOOB Gross negligence manslaughter Manslaughter by gross negligence. The owner of a taxi firm convicted of manslaughter resulting from the fitting of a part worn tyre that blew out. Issues:- Mechanical expert evidence. [BBC News]

  • R v BABAMIRI Health & Safety related Gross negligence Manslaughter


  • OPERATION LUNAR Instructed to prosecute a 10 handed HMRC fraud The Core allegations are of the creation of schemes designed to permit large scale fraud on the revenue by high net worth individuals. The Trial should commence in January 2018.

  • R v REVELLE-READE Organisers Largest UK boiler room fraud [BBC News]

  • R v GOODING AND OTHERS Salesmen Largest UK boiler room fraud [SFO press release]

  • R v COLEMAN Money launderer Largest UK boiler room fraud These three were related SFO prosecutions. They involved largest boiler room fraud prosecuted in the UK. $100m was defrauded from UK investors. The Gooding trial involved the conviction of all six defendants of conspiracy to defraud. These were those concerned with the selling of 'Reg S' shares from Spain. Coleman was involved in money laundering. The Revelle Reade trial was concerned with two defendants who managed and controlled the overall fraud. [BBC News] [SFO Press Release]

  • R v POTTER, JOHNSON, MURPHY AND OTHERS UK boiler room fraud / QE SFO prosecution of a complex boiler room fraud that ran from 2005 to 2007. The defendants obtained over £8m and were responsible for defrauding thousands of investors. One defendant pleaded guilty and six others were convicted on the 12th of September 2011. The trial ran from June 2011. They were sentenced in October. Issue. [Telegraph]

  • R v VIDGEON AND PATEL Spanish / UK boiler room fraud SFO prosecution of a complicated Boiler Room fraud that ran from 2003 to 2006. An illegal high pressure, share-pushing operation from call centres in Spain. Around 1,250 investors in the UK were persuaded to buy over £7 million worth of shares. Issues QE

  • R v NEVITT GREENE AND BOARDMAN Factoring Fraud / Training grant fraud SFO prosecution of an extensive factoring fraud. The defendants were an accountant and two directors of a large computer concern. This was the second of two linked trials. The first concerned a fraud on a government training scheme and was tried. [Guardian]

  • R v JOYTI DE LAUREY AND OTHERS Bank employee fraud The high profile case of the secretary at Goldman Sachs who stole £4.3m from her employers. [BBC News]

  • R v CADWELL POPE AND CURLEY High yield investment fraud SFO prosecution of a high yield investment fraud committed using the cover of English Accountants and Solicitors to defraud foreign investors.


  • R v NEVITT (2017) [EWCA Crim 421] A defendant [See Nevitt and Green above] who fled in 2008, between two trials, was tried in absence. He failed in his challenge to confiscation ordered in absence.

  • NEVITT v SFO (2019) [EWHC 252] (QB) the same defendant tried a second time to avoid the consequences of fleeing the jurisdiction. He sought a Certificate of Inadequacy. He failed.
    The sequence is set out in the second report.

  • R v CLIPSTON Hearsay in confiscation [Reported [2011] EWCA Crim 446
    Dealing with the manner in which hearsay evidence should be received in the context of confiscation proceedings.


  • R v HUSSAIN AND OTHERS Prosecution of seven defendants accused of Child sexual exploitation some years ago The allegations were the precursor to the operation Bullfinch convictions in 2013.
    The core of the case concerned the repeated abuse of young girls in care by a group of taxi drivers. The Crown were permitted to use some sections of the Bullfinch convictions as bad character material.

  • R v HASSAN SULE AND OTHERS Group child sex exploitation [BBC]

  • R v THOMAS Abuse of Process at retrial following successful appeal


  • R v QUINN Distinguishing politics from crime Political violence. Involving the leader of a far right political party Allegations of Publishing or Distributing of written material with intent to stir up racial hatred. [BBC News]