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30 March 2018

4BB will support the action suggested by the Criminal Bar Association.

We do so because it is a response we are driven to. The value of a criminal justice system is so often overlooked because the Criminal Bar works hard to plug the gaps that chronic under-funding creates.

In line with the CBA recommendation we will not be accepting instructions on cases subject to a Representation Order dated on or after 1st April 2018.

Every day, the media report the results of the criminal justice system. The conviction of the guilty, acquittal of the innocent, the relentless pursuit of just outcomes. All of this is only possible because we work, not just above and beyond, but out of all proportion to what is said to be the task.

We value and cherish our criminal justice system. We believe that the public also share these sentiments but are often mislead by the media and politicians. In the past we have paid little or no attention to the fact that politicians do not value our work. They resort to jibes about fat cat lawyers and we expect to hear more of the same in coming days, often from the profoundly ill-informed.

Those holding the purse strings believe it right to short change those who willingly give their all to preserve the system. This must be just the beginning of a process, which we intend to see through.

We hope that our commitment together with that of other leading criminal sets will be followed by all involved in the Criminal Justice System.

Stuart Trimmer KC
Head of Chambers
30th March 2018