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4BB offers 2 funded pupillages per year. Pupils will be funded by a grant of £1700 per month during their first six months of pupillage and guaranteed earnings of £1700 per month during their second six months. Chambers will pay for all compulsory courses completed by pupils during the 12 months of their pupillage.

Structure of Pupillage

Each pupil will have a supervisor during the first months of pupillage and a different supervisor during the second period of pupillage. Every effort is made to ensure that pupils have an opportunity to work for other members of chambers and so be exposed to as wide a range of work as possible.


Chambers accepts applications for pupillage through the online scheme which can be accessed at www.pupillagegateway.com

Applicants will be selected by reference to the following qualities:

  1. Intellectual ability, usually judged by reference to academic achievement;
  2. Evidence of ability in advocacy or other public speaking;
  3. Evidence of commitment to criminal law, usually through relevant work experience either voluntary or paid;
  4. Evidence of enterprise or initiative that demonstrates an ability to build a practice and contribute to chambers.

Candidates selected will be invited to attend a first round interview in which they will be required to perform an advocacy exercise, lasting approximately 20 minutes.

Those candidates who are selected for a second interview will be asked to perform another advocacy exercise and then take part in a more detailed interview intended to elicit evidence of the selection criteria.

Completion of Pupillage and 3rd Six Pupillages *

Upon completion of a 12 month pupillage, those pupils who wish to be considered for a tenancy are invited to complete a third six month period of pupillage. Applications for 3rd six pupillages are considered on a case by case basis throughout the year. Applications should be in writing, addressed to the Pupillage Committee and sent by email to clerks@4bb.co.uk

Mini Pupillages

Chambers is able to offer a small number of mini pupillages or work placements each year. These are usually of one weeks duration. Applicants under 18 are only rarely considered and will usually be offered a shorter placement.

Applicants should apply initially to Colin Sartain at csartain@4bb.co.uk